Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Regas

Did you know that an air conditioning service is not included in your vehicle’s annual service?  More than 10% of the air con gas releases from the system naturally every year.  This loss of gas will prevent the system from performing to its maximum and may even stop working completely.

It is recommended by the manufactures that an air conditioning service is performed at least every 2 years.  This will include the extraction of gas and any moisture trapped within the system; a vacuum check is then performed to ensure the system is completely sealed before performing an aircon regas by adding the filtered gas and lubricant back in to the system

Larkins Automotive Services can also provide an anti-bacterial service alongside the air con regas on request.

Prices start from £60 + VAT


Air Conditioning Testing

At Larkins Automotive services we can assist with testing your air-con system to look for leaks or any other issues. The most common issue with air conditioning system is a bad smell coming from your air vents when you turn on your car air conditioning. Over time the humidity and moisture in your cars air con system can cause a build-up of bacteria and mould.

This bacteria can be bad for your health as the bacteria is essentially being blown into your car and breathed in by passengers. Not only can this cause sickness, but also an unpleasant air con smell may be produced from the air vents when you turn your air conditioning on, making for an unpleasant driving experience.


Air conditioning repairs

If your car air conditioning isn’t working properly then once we’ve tested the system and diagnosed the problem, we can also assist with the repairs. The most common issue is usually leaking pipework.


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Larkins Automotive Services can carry out a pre-MOT inspection for you and present your vehicle for its MOT test.

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